worship philosophy

I will sing of steadfast love and justice; to you, O LORD, I will make music.

Psalm 101:1

Singing is not the only way in which we worship God, but it is an important one. For thousands of years, followers of God have used music as a way to praise, worship, glorify, celebrate, and experience God. We at SCC desire to be a house of prayer and praise, where people are free to sing and express their hearts before God, and to experience His presence.

In our worship, we value:

  • Creating an opportunity to experience God’s presence
  • Heartfelt, expressive singing to God
  • Being authentic (i.e. not putting on a “show”) 
  • Being multi-generational. We intentionally lean toward styles of music and overall volume that appeal to the younger generations while maintaining opportunities for older generations to feel comfortable and included. Being multi-cultural in our expressions of music
  • Modern, culturally relevant and creative styles of music
  • Songs, both ancient and modern, that place God in the highest place, draw us closer to God and closer as a community, reinforce sound belief and doctrine, and are widely sing-able

In our hearts:

  • We remember to put Jesus first.
  • We remember that it’s not all about us. 

We will prefer others in our worship. Some examples of how we prefer one another include respect for other music styles; recognition of preferences for different volume levels and length of worship services; and by not being distracting to other worshipers. In all things, we desire to love God fully, to love people genuinely and to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.